At Guided Therapy Systems (GTS) our ultrasound technologies are providing new, effective and safer treatment options without the downtime and complications associated with traditional surgeries and invasive procedures

Leaders in Ultrasonic
Imaging and Therapy

Throughout the past 25 years, GTS has become a world leader in ultrasonic imaging and therapy with technologies sold across the globe by many of the most recognizable and respected names in medical devices. Moreover, we are the first company in the world to develop and commercialize products that combine ultrasound imaging with intense therapeutic ultrasound, offering physicians the unprecedented ability to image and treat with the same equipment, thus targeting and evaluating tissue prior, during, and after a procedure.

After originally developing a minimally invasive platform for the destruction of non-resectable tumors, GTS brought intense therapeutic ultrasound to the forefront of the aesthetic device landscape through the creation of Ulthera in 2004. To this day, the Ulthera system is the only energy-based technology with an FDA indication for non-invasive tissue lift. Ulthera was recently acquired by Merz Pharma in 2014, and now with millions of procedures performed by physicians around the world, Ulthera/Merz remains as GTS’s exclusive licensee to the Ulthera technology in the professional aesthetic market.

Next Generation
Technology Development

GTS has also expanded its focus to the treatment of chronic, soft tissue injuries with the development of Actisound. This next generation ITU technology is the first and only non-invasive ablative device for pain reduction associated with chronic musculoskeletal injuries. The Actisound system received CE mark in 2018 and available to be sold in select European, South American and Asian markets.

GTS has more than 250 patents issued, published, and pending in support of our imaging and intense therapeutic ultrasound products as we continue to create new technologies and make new advancements.

From non-invasive facelifts to the repair of chronic soft tissue injuries
GTS is helping people live healthier, happier, and more active lives


Led by our Chief Executive and Technical Officer, Michael Slayton, Ph.D. the team at Guided Therapy Systems is made up of a talented group of mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineers and technicians, as well as quality systems, operations, marketing, and sales professionals.

Before founding Guided Therapy Systems, Dr. Slayton served as Vice President of Advanced Development and Board Member for Dornier MedTech GmbH. He has over 30 years senior management and technical responsibility in engineering, development, and manufacturing functions; focused primarily on new diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound applications. He has helped develop over 70 commercially successful products ranging from electron beam and laser instruments to a variety of ultrasonic systems, scan heads, and transducers.

Dr. Slayton is a visiting faculty member at the University of Arizona’s College of Engineering and has published more than 50 technical and clinical papers during his career. His degrees include a M.S. in Quantum Radiophysics and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Kiev State University and the USSR Academy of Sciences, respectively.


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